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Mount Stanley North Face guide

Kris leading Bill up Mt Stanley

By joining me or my partners on a trip you are choosing qualified, experienced guides with a proven record of safety and success. Not all guides and guiding companies will be able to offer you the same quality experience that we can. Read on to learn about our guides’ qualifications and why we can give the best mountain experience in Canada.


All of our guides are certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) and listed on the ACMG website, but certification alone does not make a great guide. The best guides combine certification with experience, a positive attitude and a desire for success.

Achilles Spire guide

A guide leading on Achilles Spire

I have worked with many different guides and instructed on professional level guiding courses for many years. This has given me the opportunity to observe other guides in the field and see students during their training. As a result I have been able to ask the most talented guides to partner with me. These guides exhibit strong decision-making and technical skills, are fun to be with in the mountains and are highly motivated to create a safe and successful experience.


When hiring a guide in Canada, make sure they are a member of the ACMG and hold the appropriate certification for your trip. No other climbing or ski guide training programme in Canada has the same rigourous standards, extensive scope of practice or the international recognition afforded to ACMG guides.

ACMG Ski Guide Exam

Candidates on a ski guide exam

Within the ACMG there are several different types of certification, including climbing instructors, hiking, alpine climbing, skiing and rock climbing. Guide candidates may choose to become certified in one or more of these disciplines.

Applicants must have extensive personal experience before they are accepted into the guide training programme. Thompson Rivers University (TRU) collaborates with the ACMG to offer a series of training courses and exams designed to certify guides and instructors to the highly respected standards of the ACMG. Through these courses you can achieve professional ACMG certification within the disciplines of Mountain Guide, Hiking Guide or Climbing Instructor. Then they attend training courses and one or more examinations before beginning their apprenticeship period. After two or more years of apprenticeship they must pass one or more final exams. Once finished their training, all ACMG guides must maintain their skills through a continuing professional development programme.

Mountain Guides are trained in alpine climbing, rock climbing and skiing. They are the only guides qualified by the International Federation of Mountain Guiding Associations (IFMGA) in Canada.

In addition, guides teaching avalanche courses must be members of the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA). Avalanche courses provided by the CAA are an integral part of ACMG guides’ training.

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