Avalanche Skills Training 2 January 2016

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Snow profile lesson

Snow profile lesson

This is what Dean said about our AST 2 course:

“Thank you…it was a winter highlight. I have found myself thinking about the course content almost daily…regularly following weather models have become part of my routine. The tools the course provided have proven exceptionally useful. I feel much better prepared for terrain evaluation and risk assessment and am therefore feeling far more comfortable travelling in the back-country than I ever have.”

The Avalanche Skills Training 2 course will provide an intermediate level decision-making framework that is based on the most advanced knowledge available. If you are a strong intermediate backcountry skier or split-boarder and have some previous winter backcountry experience where you have traveled in avalanche terrain, followed the avalanche bulletins for part of a winter or more, and have either taken an AST 1 or have some self-directed training (e.g. done some reading on the subject) then this is the course for you.

The subjects we focus on are:

Understanding the components of risk

How terrain affects the formation and nature of avalanches

Using terrain to reduce your risk to avalanches

Forming a coherent decision making process based on an unbiased assessment of the facts contained in the Avalanche Bulletins, weather, snowpack and terrain

Recognizing human factors that contribute to decision-making errors

2016 Dates:

Course #2: January 2-3 (classroom/Rockies field trip), January 9-10 (Rogers Pass field trips).

Location: Rockies and Rogers Pass

Price: C$550 plus GST. Includes the AST Field Book and the use of safety equipment if required.

Prerequisites: Intermediate skiing/snowboarding ability, some previous avalanche education (AST 1 or self-directed learning), about 20 days previous experience traveling in avalanche terrain in the winter.

Contact me for details on this course or to organize a private course for your group.